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MemiFriends is a free to play game building LIFE SKILLS in children.

Children help Memi and Demi who are on an ’emotions exploration mission’ to Homeland. 

During the process, they learn essential life skills such as online safety, financial responsibility, nutrition, emotions regulation.

All the games are diligently designed and developed by MemiFriends, with experts in the field of neuroscience.

Important To Read Before You Access The Game

Web Browser Availability

MemiFriends is currently available exclusively through your web browser. We understand the convenience of having a mobile app, and we are actively working on bringing you one in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for that!

Initial Loading Time

As with any great adventure, the beginning may come with a bit of anticipation. Please bear with us as the game takes a little extra time to load for the first time. Trust us, it'll be worth the wait! 🚀🕒

Email Sign-Up

To get started on MemiFriends.com, all you need is your email address. It's quick, easy, and ensures a seamless sign-up experience.

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Discovering Life Skills Through Play

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Every game on our platform is meticulously crafted to challenge young minds, fostering critical thinking. As children navigate through adventures with Memi and Demi, they’re not just playing; they’re learning to solve problems and think on their feet.

Teach Your Kids About Prevention
Our games emphasize the importance of prevention, be it online safety or understanding the value of financial responsibility. We’re here to help children grasp these concepts in a fun, engaging manner.

Social and Emotional Growth
Emotions can be a rollercoaster, especially for kids. Through our games, children learn about emotion regulation, gaining insights into their feelings and those of others. This fosters self-awareness and helps in building strong social and emotional foundations.

Empower and Educate
We’re not just about fun and games. We’re about ensuring that every child who plays on MemiFriends walks away with a lesson learned, be it about nutrition, online safety, or the myriad of other life skills we touch upon.

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