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Play and Learn with Fun Life Skills Games

Our Vision

We want to help build a future where children feel confident, resilient, and capable of facing life’s challenges head-on through engaging life skills games.

Our Aspiration

Our aspiration is that whole-child development becomes a normalized and integral part of a child’s growth, inspiring investment and support from every aspect of the ecosystem.

We Envision

a world where mental health and emotional well-being are at the forefront of children’s development and education.

We Believe

that prioritizing a child’s whole-brain development lays the foundation for a brighter future, equipping them with the tools and resources for a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

Our Principles​

Child First
We put a child's brain development above everything when making product development decisions.
Healthy game design
Our games are designed to enable strong mental health such as thinking, mindfulness, idle time and reasonable length of time per game. 
Goal-oriented, No Nudging
Goals management and achievements is one of the critical skills for children and is center to the game. We, however, do not nudge kids to play more or shop more.
Adherence to industry guidelines
Our first step to building MemiFriends, was to apply UNICEF's guidelines in our games.
Smart Anonymity
We use avatars to provide role play learning and online safety of children
Product based on cutting edge Research
We did the research that as a parent you don’t have time to do. Enhanced with the perspective of therapists and educators.
Effective use of Resources
As a company, we take our responsibility towards society seriously. At the heart of each financial decision is a question - "Will this create the right impact to make a difference on the child's whole-brain development?"
For every child
We fundamentally believe that each child should have an equal opportunity. Our games are built to include every child.
Diversity inside out
We believe, our game should represent the diversity of the children globally. That can't be done if we are not a diverse company. Led by a strong female leader, the company is a great mix of diverse talent located globally.
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